1. “I see the future and I like what I see.” If what you see is a gloomy future, close your eyes for a moment and then take another look. Look with your mind’s eye; the eye of faith and hope. ……. I. Dienye Pepple


  1. “I do not know everything but I cannot wait to know everything before I start running with the little I know.” ……. I. Dienye Pepple


  1. “One thing I know for sure is that if I start applying the little I know, I will meet people and organizations along the way that will teach me the much I do not know and help me accomplish my goals.” ……. I. Dienye Pepple


  1. Development is not a handout that Government and Oil companies give to communities. Thinking it is, is one reason we have remained under developed. ……. I. Dienye Pepple


  1. Any community, Local Government Area or State in Nigeria that leaves the responsibility for her development in the hands of Politicians in Government or Oil & Gas Companies will never develop. ……. I. Dienye Pepple


  1. The surest way of achieving rapid sustainable development is through business development. ……. I. Dienye Pepple


  1. The Civil service by shirking her responsibilities and making herself sub-servant to politicians is responsible for the underdevelopment of our States. ……. I. Dienye Pepple


  1. When Nigerians ask for true federalism I wonder who they are asking it from. True federalism is what you practice not what anyone gives to another. Any day the Government and people of any State in Nigeria decide to take full responsibility for their advancement and well-being, that day they get more than true federalism. They get self-determination (which is superior to true federalism); resource management (which is superior to resource control); Security assurance (which is superior to controlling the armed forces) etc. ……. I. Dienye Pepple

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